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Amalgam fillings are gray fillings that are not currently available in the current literature and are used quite routinely before. The main reason for the removal of this material from the literature is that the degree of hardness, which we call the modulus of elasticity, is quite high compared to the natural tooth. In summary, the filling stays intact while the tooth breaks when force is applied to it. This puts healthy tooth tissue at risk. You can review our aesthetic filling treatment blog post.

Another reason for filling replacement is mercury in amalgam. Mercury has a toxic effect on the human body and the removal process must therefore be suitable for the amalgam removal procedure. Amalgam filling replacement should be done under a rubber cover called “rubberdam”, accompanied by very good vacuum and ventilation, so that the patient and the physician do not breathe the resulting mercury vapor.

Aesthetically, gray fillings are a serious inconvenience. There is no danger of filling replacement after taking the necessary precautions. Healthy consumption can be ensured as before. Improvement should be made by experts with the right treatment methods. Today, there are more aesthetic filling studies with new treatment methods. One of these studies under the name of smile design is aesthetic filling designs. Aesthetic smile designs applied by taking the patient’s face and jaw structure measurements; Hollywood smile also includes treatment methods such as digital smile design and aesthetic fillings. For information about the treatment process of our patients, you can visit our Instagram page.

Every treatment, including filling changes and aesthetic filling designs, should be continued under the supervision of specialists. As Eon Dental, we care about the dental health of our patients and provide healthy service with the most appropriate treatment methods for the tooth structure.

If you want to have a healthy smile and consumption process, you can contact our specialist doctors to learn about treatments, to learn which dental features of your face and jaw line are suitable for smile design in order to have aesthetic smiles and to get information about treatments.

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