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A beautiful smile that integrates with healthy teeth adds self-confidence and self-esteem.

So what is a smile? Aesthetic dentistry aims to restore the lost aesthetics of the teeth, in other words, to restore the lost aesthetics of the teeth, with applications made on the discolored, crooked and deformed teeth, gingival discoloration and deformities, tooth deficiencies, teeth and gums that have undergone color change for various reasons, broken due to trauma or caries, targets treatment. Aesthetic smile treatment prices are determined by considering all these factors.

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry in Turkey

Aesthetic; It is related to the sense of beauty in people, and this sense of beauty creates a positive perception. When we are happy, we want to smile, and the aesthetic appearance that emerges with our smile creates positive impressions on the people in front of us. Aesthetic dentistry is one of the oral and dental health services that are at the forefront in this sense. Hollywood dental aesthetics is the most desired smile design today. Hollywood smile aesthetics prices should not be considered only as a fee spent on aesthetics.

Aesthetic dentistry services consist of various procedures and operations planned according to the needs of the person in order to obtain aesthetic and healthy teeth. The purpose of these applications is to give the person the aesthetic smile they desire and to protect their dental health while providing this. Treatment plans are made for problems such as yellow teeth, multiple caries, misalignment and fractures in the teeth. Working with a multidisciplinary approach, it acts together with sub-branches such as periodontology (gum diseases) and orthodontics when necessary. Personalized smile design aims to evaluate many elements together. The price of aesthetic smile design increases or decreases according to the scope of the treatment.

The purpose of Aesthetic Dentistry;

• To design an aesthetic and healthy smile suitable for the person’s facial structure,
• Reaching the desired color and size by solving gingival problems,
• To be able to obtain aesthetic and natural-looking results by providing the treatment needed by the problematic teeth.
• To ensure that the person has both a healthy and aesthetic mouth and teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry applications are personalized applications. Each patient may have different dental problems. According to the need; Treatment plans are made for various problems such as worn, yellowed teeth, crooked or gaping teeth, yellowed teeth and tooth fractures. For example; If the teeth are yellow, whitening can be applied, if there is tooth loss, implants can be made, dental veneers can be applied for worn or broken teeth. All these applications are planned in such a way that the most appropriate and most effective results are obtained with the evaluation of the dentist. The dental structure, length and alignment of the person in the mouth are evaluated in detail by the dentist.

Aesthetic Dental Applications;

Smile Aesthetics

What is aesthetic smile design? Smile aesthetics, one of the most important issues of aesthetic dentistry, is to plan the most beautiful smile (smile) combining function, aesthetics and naturalness, taking into account personal wishes and expectations. Digital smile design is our biggest helper at this point. Hollywood smile teeth are obtained by performing one or more applications synchronously, such as bleaching, porcelain laminates, implant applications or gingivoplasty. The comments of those who have a smile design are important. In smile aesthetics, factors such as the patient’s face form and shape, skin color, gender, age, lips, condition of lip edges, color of teeth, alignment and gingival structure are taken into consideration. In some cases, the scope of aesthetics can include all treatments, and in some cases, smile aesthetics can be brought to the desired level with one or more of them. Smile design prices vary from person to person.

Gum Aesthetics (Pink Aesthetics)

In some people, especially in the maximum phase of the smile moment, there may be a situation where the gum tissue appears too much or the teeth appear short. This problem, called “Gummy Smile” while applying aesthetic smile design, can cause dissatisfaction in patients. However, these cases can be treated with a simple gum shaping application. With the Laser devices used in these applications, there is no bleeding during the procedure and rapid tissue healing, which is one of the most important features of laser devices, is observed. After the application, the permanent pink aesthetic result on the gums left to the healing period can be obtained in a very short time.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening, which is perhaps the most frequently applied application of Aesthetic Dentistry, is a procedure that has been performed for many years. As long as it is done under the supervision of a physician, this process, which does not cause any harm to the tooth with the use of appropriate gel, can be repeated at appropriate time intervals when necessary and can be renewed within the framework of aesthetic elements. With this proven method, patient expectation can be realized in a very short time and people’s satisfaction and happiness can be achieved.

Composite Bonding Applications

These are the procedures applied to remove the crowding in the anterior teeth, sometimes for the restoration of broken and carious tissues, or to expand the teeth that are found to be short or small. In this process, the most economical aesthetic smile price is revealed. Composite Fillings applied in these studies are selected to match the tooth color and light transmittance of the person, and then applied by paying attention to the tooth forms. After these stages, in bonding applications made with appropriate forming and polishing processes, an aesthetic smile is captured and the fillings made have the same brightness and color tone as the teeth. It is one of the prominent elements of aesthetic dentistry in terms of minimum operation, as it is a procedure that is sometimes applied to certain areas without touching the teeth.

Porcelain Lamina Applications

Lamina applications are perhaps the most advanced smile treatment in aesthetic dentistry in the last period. Lamina applications are performed in the presence of minor crowding, in people who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment, in people whose tooth color and forms are not aesthetic, in people with small or gaping teeth, and in people who have broken tooth tissue. In lamina applications, little or no abrasion is made on the front surface of the tooth tissue. With porcelain materials with high aesthetic sensitivity, one-to-one application is made and applied specific to the tooth. During the production, the details of the person under the heading of smile aesthetics should be followed. The aesthetic gain of the ideally made porcelain lamina application is very high.

Full Aesthetic Porcelain Crowns

In this type of restoration, which is known as “veneer” in the society, the teeth are completely cut and reduced to make room for the crowns to be made. In the past, in order to provide sufficient durability and life in crown applications, a metal infrastructure was created and porcelain, which is an aesthetic element, was processed. Although porcelain was an aesthetic element, sufficient light transmittance could not be achieved due to the metal part in its infrastructure and the desired appearance could not be achieved. Today, with the developments in dental aesthetics, crowns without metal infrastructure can be made, sometimes in the form of full porcelain and sometimes with zirconium material support, these restorations can fully meet patient expectations with light transmission and refraction very close to natural teeth. Those who have a zirconium smile design achieve all these aesthetic expectations thanks to the smile design.

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