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With a small change in your smile, you can create significant changes in your personal relationships and social status, while improving your psychology and increasing your self-confidence. When a radiant smile is integrated with your face, your self-confidence and happiness will inevitably affect the other person.

Smile design has achieved excellent results by combining naturalness and function with the increasing aesthetic demand of individuals all over the world and especially in the USA, with the wishes of the developed person.

Modern dentistry has developed to meet all aesthetic expectations of physicians and patients with new techniques and designs. Certain factors that vary from person to person affect your smile. These are;

Your age
your gender
your lips
your gums
Color and form of your teeth
It can be listed as your facial structure.

The age factor is the most notable. Your facial features change over the years. As small wrinkles appear, differences begin in the mouth and chin area.

First of all, factors such as tea, coffee and cigarettes that you have used for years cause your smile to turn pale, your tooth color to darken and lose its old shine as the enamel layer of the tooth wears off. In addition, with the passing years, the functioning teeth wear out, fractures and cracks occur in the anterior region, and shortening of the crown length may occur in the posterior regions.

When these shortenings in the posterior teeth are combined with the melting and thinning of the jaw bones, they cause a collapse in the general appearance of the face. All of these make the person look old.

All these problems can now be solved easily with different methods of aesthetic dentistry. While the simple discoloration problems in the teeth are eliminated with the bleaching process, there are ideal solutions for aesthetic problems in the anterior region with composite bonding or porcelain laminate veneer.

The problems in the posterior teeth are eliminated with porcelain onlays or veneers. Thus, both the aesthetics and the chewing function and phonation (speech) of the person are reshaped within their natural limits.

In short, it is now in your hands to rejuvenate your smile with these treatments that are completely compatible with your face. Moreover, all of these procedures are applied in a very short time (1-2 sessions).

If the smile design is applied by certified dentists who have received the necessary training on the subject, the result will be more successful. Because after the digital measurements of the lower and upper jaws and teeth of the patient are taken, the necessary evaluations are made in the relevant center (abroad) and the type of treatment is decided with the approval of the dentist.

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