İstanbul, Antalya, Ankara

Izmir Smile design is a personalized treatment planning and aesthetic dentistry practice.

At the beginning of the criteria that should be considered in restorative and prosthetic procedures in aesthetic dentistry applications; midline and facial symmetry, cutting edge plane harmony, tooth ratios and contact areas and gingival harmony. While providing a natural look and function with the smile design, before; A unique aesthetic planning is made by considering the face shape, lip contours, eye and nose aesthetics.


Izmir Smile design requires multidisciplinary work. Many dentistry applications such as orthodontics, whitening, porcelain lamina or veneers, bonding applications, gingival aesthetics (pink aesthetics) are planned together. Digital smile design can be planned by transferring the measurement taken digitally from the patient to the computer environment with today’s technology. Planning for the design is explained with measurements through photos and videos.

The mockup (silicone mold) obtained with the digital smile design is transferred onto the teeth with the temporary making material and the patient’s expectations are tried to be met by rehearsing in the mouth.

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