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Our clinic was established to make high-quality dental health services accessible. We personally evaluate each patient with different dental problems who apply to us and offer the most appropriate dental treatment service. You can review our services section to see the treatment options we offer. In addition to the health problems you experience with your teeth, we also have aesthetic and protection treatments. We aim to provide you with the most successful health service in the field of dentistry, with our experienced specialist physicians, our comfortable clinic fully complying with hygiene standards, and our state-of-the-art equipment.

In recent years, our country has been successfully offering implant and aesthetic dentistry applications, especially to patients from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, England and some Arab countries.

Our guests coming from abroad for treatment are mostly; IMPLANT– It is used for implant treatments that replace the extracted tooth, known as tooth screwing or can be called tooth root, and zirconium and porcelain crown bridge treatments. In our life, where an aesthetic and healthy smile is very important, teeth whitening and smile design is another application most preferred by patients. Advances in porcelain tooth production make it easier to reach healthy and aesthetic teeth that cannot be distinguished from the real ones, do not change color, painlessly.

The main thing in health tourism is treatment. Other accommodation and holiday opportunities are organizations organized to make our patients comfortable during the treatment process and to evaluate their free time. Our priority is to have a PANORAMIC X-RAY dental film taken in a dental clinic in the country they are abroad and send an e-mail to According to this film, dental treatments are evaluated by our doctors both in terms of cost and duration. According to the table that emerges, either by choosing one of our packages or by a program that he/she will arrange, he/she starts the treatment process.

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