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Thanks to Smile Design, the place of smile in our lives takes a more important place. Smiling freely reduces the stress hormone. The decrease in the stress hormone; It reduces the risk of heart attack, stimulates growth hormone and even regulates blood flow. It is an important problem that the person tries to limit his smile with the thought that he looks physically bad. But this problem brings with it a solution.

The design is custom made. It is a dental treatment that has aesthetic purposes but the function should not be ignored during the treatment. A successful smile design helps you laugh freely. Being able to laugh freely allows you to behave more comfortably in your social life. Smiling also has many scientifically proven benefits. Personalized smile design helps you achieve these benefits.

What is smile design?

The application of the design is to make a personalized design by considering the ideal aesthetic proportions (the golden ratio). It should not be forgotten here that this treatment is personal and differs for each patient. Facial proportions, eye color, skin color, age, personal expectations, social position are the determining factors for smile design. It is the duty of the physician to evaluate all of these factors together and filter the patient’s expectation and make a choice without harming the function and health. The important thing in the construction of the right design is that the patient’s expectations can be determined and fully transferred to the physician.

The first rule that should not be overlooked in aesthetic dentistry is that this treatment, performed for aesthetic purposes, does not harm the function and the health of the surrounding tissues without going beyond the physiological limits. At this point, the physician should not harm the patient by preparing a realistic treatment plan. The patient, who knows the limits of his treatment, should start the treatment with the awareness of the conditions and continue the maintenance treatment in the future.

How to make a smile design?

Today, personalized designs can be made in two different ways, digital and analog. In digital smile design, detailed photos of the person can be taken and smile design can be made through certain programs. In analogy, a smile design is made directly or indirectly. A model is obtained by applying the white wax technique over a silicone or digital impression taken indirectly from the patient. In the following appointment, this design is transferred to the mouth. In the direct method, the dentist adds filling material directly to the teeth in the mouth according to the patient’s expectations from the smile design.

The main purpose of all methods is to see the limitations of the treatment before the treatment starts and to plan the ideal smile design accordingly. For more detailed information, you can review our smile design blog post.

Is the smile design permanent?

This treatment can be done using different materials. The physical properties of the material used can change the life of the smile design. For example, the life of a standard smile design made with composite laminates is shorter than the life of porcelain laminates in terms of average values, because the wear resistance of the material is lower than the wear resistance of porcelain laminate. This may cause the surface to lose its smoothness and become discolored.

Another important factor is the oral care of the person determines the life of the personalized smile design. Smile design is permanent for patients with high oral hygiene motivation without disrupting regular checkups. In the future, gingival problems (bleeding, recession, etc.), a trauma to the teeth or the appearance of caries on the teeth due to insufficient oral hygiene shorten the life of the smile design. You can visit our Instagram page for detailed information about the treatment processes of our patients.

Custom design prices?

While applying a personalized design, the physician can benefit from different instruments. This means that the cost of treatment varies from person to person. A detailed examination of the patient is essential for price information.

(The prices of the laminates, which are mostly preferred for aesthetic purposes, can be found on the website of the Turkish Dentists Association.)

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