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Teeth whitening can be done with two different methods or by using these two methods in combination.

Having more white teeth ensures a healthy smile by fulfilling the self-confidence of the person. The first method can be done by the physician taking measurements specifically for the patient and giving the appropriate whitening material to the patient. In this method, the patient squeezes the whitening agent into the special plaques and applies it for 4-6 hours daily according to the user’s instructions. The treatment should be followed by a physician and should be done with the right material. Otherwise, unconsciously performed whitening processes may damage the teeth and cause permanent sensitivities, leading to the loss of the existing tooth structure and deterioration of dental aesthetics.

People who use more tea, coffee and cigarettes due to nicotine may have a shorter life expectancy.

Due to the tooth structure of individuals, regular check-ups every 6 months before they return to their old colors and if necessary, the whitening process may need to be renewed every 6 months or a year.

In the second method, the dentist applies the whitening agent on the teeth within the clinical conditions and shines a strong light to increase the effectiveness. This method, which consists of whitening gel ‘Power Bleaching’ and light, is the fastest and most reliable whitening method that can lighten teeth 3-4 shades in a short time. It is the most popular and fastest treatment method used by dentists.

The bleaching process applied in clinical conditions gives much faster results. This process can be performed even in a suitable office environment in about an hour. For detailed information about the treatment processes of our patients, you can visit our Instagram page.

Thanks to the combined use of bleaching processes, a more serious color change can be achieved. This color change differs by 3-4 tons compared to the old tooth color of the person. For the permanence of the color change, the patient is given white diet recommendations. You can visit our page for detailed information about smile designs.

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