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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implant treatment is titanium (zirconium is also used in recent years) screws that imitate the tooth root to replace the lost teeth. Function of dental implants in treatment; For the prostheses to be made, it is to have a foot like a tooth root or to support the prosthesis. Dental implants are manufactured from biocompatible (do not harm the surrounding tissues) materials. Many brands are easily accessible in the Turkish dentistry market today. The most important criterion in choosing a brand is the experience of the physician. When deciding on this brand, the dentist should not ignore the need to contact the company and get support for material supply in the future. For this reason, among many brands, the brands with more market reliability are preferred by physicians and patients.

Dental implant treatment is the placement of dental implants into the bone.

The success of dental implant treatment is multifactorial and the main ones are:
  • Performing the surgery under sterile conditions
  • Bone quality
  • Smoking
  • The area where the dental implant will be applied is completely free of infection.
  • Physician’s manipulation and skill during surgery
  • Oral hygiene in the post-operative period
  • Systemic and medical condition of the patient
  • Surface features and anatomy of the selected implant brand

To Whom Can Dental Implants Be Applied?

Dental implants are a treatment need for every patient with missing teeth. However, there are many patient and physician-based criteria that should not be ignored. The patient’s bone density and amount, systemic diseases, medications or psychological state affect the success of dental implant treatment. If the dentist has the necessary medical knowledge and professional experience, dental implant treatment can be applied to every patient, except for exceptional cases.

What are dental implant brands?

Although some of the dental implants are produced in our country, most of them are imported from abroad. There are thousands of different dental implant brands in the world. In our country, the more commonly preferred dental implants are German, Korean and American dental implants. In addition, there are dental implants imported to our country from Switzerland, Brazil and Israel. Examples of these are Swiss made Straumann, German made bego and menintika, Korean made osstem, Israeli zimmer and dozens more.

Dental implant brand selection

The important criterion in the selection of dental implants is the choice of the brand that the dentist is more accustomed to doing and finds safe. Because the factor that most affects the survival and success rates of dental implants is the success of the dentist during the operation. Other factors include the patient’s general health and oral hygiene.

Some dental implant brands have been in the industry for longer. Since these brands invest more in R&D, the number of scientific studies in the literature on them is also higher. The dentist decides the reliability of the dental implant brand he will choose during his treatment, by scanning the literature and according to his own observations.

Dental Implant Treatment

How long do dental implants last?

The life of dental implants depends on many criteria. The ones related to the patient can be considered as smoking, personal care and systemic health status. During the operation, the knowledge and experience of the physician who makes the brand of the implant used plays a decisive role for the life of the dental implants. Where all of these are ideal, there is no reason to lose dental implants.

What are the factors affecting dental implant success?

The success of dental implant treatment is related to many different criteria. If we examine these factors in two classes, the first is the criteria that depend on the physician. The dentist should analyze the data he has before the treatment in the most accurate way. The dentist should set out with the right treatment plan. For this reason, radiological and intraoral examination should be performed completely before dental implant treatment. The dentist should not ignore the patient’s medical history. The dentist should consult the patient’s doctor before the treatment, if necessary, the general health condition of the patient. Oral hygiene of the patient should be increased and pathogenic organisms in the oral flora should be eliminated. Before the operation, the size and diameter of the dental implant is decided according to the bone quality and dimensions of the patient. This decision can be changed by the dentist during the operation.

The second factor is the factors related to the patient. The patient should follow the recommendations of the dentist during the maintenance process. He/she should pay maximum attention to oral hygiene. If there are bad habits that need to be changed, they should leave them behind in this process.

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Dental Implant Prices?

Dental implant prices can vary considerably depending on whether they are imported or domestic. There are many implant brands in the market. Straumann, bego, dentika, Nobel, MIS and other domestic brands can be counted as the most preferred brands. The dentist’s decision is determined by the treatment plan.

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