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It is possible to make some anatomical changes with aesthetic filling materials without any abrasion on the teeth. In cases such as partial cavities in the anterior teeth, a slight enlargement of the teeth or masking of surface defects, good results are obtained with aesthetic fillings. This treatment method is applied in the treatment of dental caries, in the production of aesthetic white fillings instead of amalgam fillings, in the treatment of broken teeth, in the treatment of intermittent teeth, in teeth with tooth sensitivity and excess, and teeth with small deformities. There is no need for tooth cutting in the treatment of aesthetic fillings. The usage limit is quite high in individuals who do not have such uses as cigarettes, tea, etc.

In this treatment method, which is performed by taking the facial and jaw lines of the individuals to the forefront, healthy results are obtained to a large extent. The purpose of this treatment is to obtain an aesthetic tooth appearance without losing the existing healthy tooth tissue.

Today’s filling materials give very satisfactory results in terms of aesthetics and function. Correct diagnosis, planning and physician dexterity directly affect the success criteria of this treatment. Filling process is performed by checking whether the broken teeth have healthy enamel and roots. In individuals with a healthy tooth structure, the filling process is started after the necessary treatments are applied.

If there is any inflammation in the broken teeth of the individuals, the tooth is treated first and the filling process is completed in the teeth that are made healthy. Since this method is performed to support the natural tooth appearance, people should perform regular dental checks. Otherwise, the fillings may become worse over time. With rapid treatment, the strength of the existing teeth can be preserved.

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Aesthetic Fillings

The amount of coloration of fillings over time is slightly higher than porcelains. For this reason, regular dental check-ups are a little more important than usual. These fillings are colored in harmony with the individual teeth’s colors and removed from the artificial tooth image.

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